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Shoutout to NigelG and here's a new tutorial I created

Hi everyone, I’ve created this post for two reasons.

  • To show my appreciation to @NigelG for going the extra mile to help me out
  • To provide a link to my latest Bubble tutorial on User Functionality

@NigelG - Thanks for going the extra mile to help me get my website up and running. I was nearly going to give up on this project and code it instead (I already begun the code), but you stuck with me and in the end you solved my problem for me. You are a real asset to the Bubble community, as I’m sure everyone will agree.

I also want to make a shoutout to @jordanfaucet for helping me understand Bubble core workflows. You got me up and running very quickly and because of you I understood the Bubble workflow much quicker.

A shoutout to @csfalcao too, you’re another great asset to the Bubble community. Thanks for your input.

Lastly, here is an upload for my latest Bubble tutorial… Bubble User Functionality.
If there are any mistakes in this tutorial, be sure to let me know. I still have the working-project file, so I can modify it… User Functionality Tutorial - Youtube

Here is the developer page I used in this tutorial

@NigelG feel free to do whatever you want with it


Hahah YEEAH!! Cakeke old “Piano notes memorization” friend, this is awesome!

Your definitely a very knowledgeable source for this forum. When the screaming tiki is visible in the forum feed; we know that issues are getting resolved!

  • I will check out the YouTube vid tomorrow. Off to sleep!

Cheers man


Thanks Jordan, man.


This is AWESOME!!!

We start seeing quite some content coming from users, which is a great (and necessary addition…) to the few videos we have at We’ll need to think about a place to make them searchable and easy to find.


WELL I watched the video! Thought I should: even though this phone’s blue-light is worse than caffeine! :slight_smile:
Good stuff man - nice transitions; your desire to teach people is very admirable.

Bubble totally belongs in the classrooms of schools.

PS - not sure why I said “haha” in my first post (don’t misinterpret) just excitement really, hahah. <- that one is real; laughing at myself now.

Good night all!

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All good bro, I could tell what you were meaning :grin:. Yeah - Bubble sure does belong in the classroom. Kids are gonna have so much fun with it in the future.

Man - don’t get me started on blue lights!!:slight_smile: I literally can’t sleep unless I turn them all off. The orange lights are fine though.

Have a good one, man.

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Thank you @cakeheke! We all will be famous Bubblers soon! :sunglasses:

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Hi everyone, (@NigelG) can anyone help me out?

I´m a non-coder but fairly tech-oriented. I´d love to get into bubble as quickly as possible and there´s loads of tutorials, but scouring them for specific needs is a pretty long winded solution. Is anyone in the community willing to help me to learn the ropes, we could use skype or some remote screen sharing app to carry out the lessons.

Maybe an hour or 2 a day? How much would you charge per hour to help me out?

Really looking forward to get moving on this, seems like the answer to everything i´ve always wanted to do without the months of learning associated with creating webapps.

Thanks so much guys.

Did you go through the lessons? I have already started recording a build along tutorials for YouTube but they are not up yet.

Reach out to me through DM if you need some assistance. And I am sure everyone on the forum would love to help.

I know I said i was a techie but now i´m gonna look like an idiot, but I can´t figure out how to DM you, lol. I´ve been through alot of the tutorials but it´s so hard to get to exactly what I need.

No worries Chris

Click on my name and then click message

OK got it