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Wondering if anyone can make a suggestion on how I can achieve this…

I am currently enhancing my order form input process and one area I want to improve is the input of customer name. I have a data thing for customer and I’d like the user to be able to search for the customer when trying to place an order. But I also like for the user to input customer that are new and not in the DB yet.

Is there’s an element which allows the user to input the client’s name and searches the database as he is inputting, but if it is not found in the DB, still can accept the input as a value?

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Try this plugin out mate as I think it will do what you are asking.

Thanks! Going to try it out!

Hi there, @simon.wong… if you don’t want to use a plugin (and if I have understood your post correctly), you can use a search box element and check this box on the element’s properties editor.

With that box checked, you can access the typed text as SearchBox A's typed text, and you can use the value in a workflow that creates a new thing.

Hope this helps.


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Make sure you look through the demos as they is a little bit in setting it up but once its done, you can search any fields you like and it was search as you type instead of having to type to whole name or email or what ever you are searching

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