Optimize Speed for List Search "Best Practise"

Hey guys, i want to make a best practice for search and inputs.

Does anyone of you have a better “Best Practise” for this?

I tryed it with a focus group and a RG that filters by input - but the input field does not work “live” as filtered cause it waits to set the value of the input field.

Someone knows a pluing for this or a way to get faster to the textinput without waiting for the “value”??

The filtering of the RG is client side cause the RG loaded already all pictures and details of the persona.

The search of the RGs details is the best way to load it upfront and then change with the condition the filtering client side - should be really fast - but the input field and the large and lower case makes problems. Any idea?

See in the video below.
ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)


The Rest of the Input should work and i will publish the final result here :slight_smile:

I got it working with this Plugin:
Any idea for the Uppercase problem? I want the user to not type the whole keywords - is there another solution to make it case insensitive?

I changed the search to this, it works

You can also try fuzzy search plugin.

This works perfekt! THX a lot

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