Autopopulate data from Search box input and if not available make new thing

I am trying to make a basic CRM and i am new to bubble

  1. I have an add customer form , Upon inputing customer mobile number i would like the fields to autopopulate if the customer data is present in the database (fields : name,city,area), and if it’s not then i would like to add new customer. what would be the best approach to achieve the required result.

Secondly , there are additional fields for booking information of customer that will be filled manually after the customer is found or entered in the database, how can i manage that in workflow .


Assuming you’re using a searchbox (of type Customer) for the mobile number, you can set all the other input’s default values to be the SearchBox’s value’s data (either by directly referring to the search box’s value, or setting some other group’s datasource to the value of the SearchBox, then referring to that as the default value for the inputs).

Then use a condition on the workflow action (when the searchbox’s value is empty) to determine whether to create a new customer, or modify the existing one.

thanks … with your help i am able to complete my form and make it work as i wanted :+1:

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