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API Dashboard - How to store and use data


I’m building an analytics dashboard that connects to another SaaS which has a lot of different types of data that I would like to extract into my app, then manipulate (ie how many offers were sent this month and what was the offer acceptance rate).

Any good resources for how to learn how to store and then manipulate the data?

I have the API set with a sandbox account, but I’m also curious how I can get this so each user can log in with their own account and link to their individual saas account to pull the data from.

It’s hard to fully know what you’re trying to do vs what you currently have set up.

When you say you have the API set with a sandbox account, does that mean you have connected this API into the bubble API connector? Also, the user accounts, is that just a more authenticated version of the sandbox account? If so, this is where you will need to understand cURL requests a bit to properly connected the authenticated user APIs.There are tons of resources online of how to understand how to properly make cURL requests.

In terms of manipulating the data, it sounds like what you need are backend workflows

But I could be totally off with where you’re hung up. If so, please provide some more clarification.