Creating an Analytics Dashboard

Hi everyone

I’m new to Bubble but have thrown myself in at the deep end and learning as I go.

Essentially I want to create a dashboard using a bubble where users can see how much revenue they are expecting to receive, along with graphs and other useful dashboards. There will be calculations in the back end that then display this info to the user.

Is this something I can realistically create in Bubble? I don’t mind putting in the work, but I read a few posts that Bubbles analytics capabilities were not quite there yet.

These posts were from a few years ago, so things may have changed since then.


Yes, you can do it…just need to set things up properly. If it is about expected revenue you’ll probably first need to have subscriptions with pricing and then just calculate based on subscribed users.


I realized I probably phrased my question incorrectly. What I am looking to build is actually a dashboard that contains aggregated data. Essentially I am running the whole thing in Excel right now but think I can probably achieve something far nicer in Bubble.

I found this video which gives me some confidence it can be done - now to work out how

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I had generally assumed it would be aggregated in the sense it would be aggregated over time, which is easy to do using the :group by opearator.

If you mean you wish to aggregate data that is not of the same data type, that would be more challenging and probably require the use of custom Javascript for creating your charts. I am not aware of exactly what features the different chart plugins offer in terms of combining data of different types, but it is possible with custom javascript charts.

Good luck on the project.

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