Anchor navigation help

Hello, I’m trying to put a button in my header, to be loaded and jumped to the group I want to be visible. I used a tip from someone on the forum to do anchor navigation and use an HTML element for that. It turns out that this only works if I’m on the page I want the group to be focused on, if I’m on another page, the group isn’t focused. In short, I want to be able to put a button in my header so that when it is clicked, in addition to going to the right page, it goes to the group I want. Could anyone help me with this?

Whenever you have to send some extra information when navigating to another page, use URL parameters.
When using the ‘go to page’ action check the ‘send more parameters’ checkbox and send a text parameter. On the receiving page, set up a ‘when page is loaded’ workflow if you don’t have one already. On that workflow add a ‘scroll to element’ action with a conditional that uses ‘get data from page URL’ to fetch the parameter and check that it exists.