Navigate to a Specific Group on a Different Page

Hi, everyone:

I need to create a button on Page A that goes to a specific group on Page B. In the workflow, I have set Step 1 to navigate to Page B, but for Step 2 when I set it to “Scroll to”, the options only show groups on Page A. I have tried to get myself familiar with custom states, but that doesn’t seem like the correct method either…?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi there, @cinji18… one way you could go is to send a URL parameter when navigating to Page B. Then, have a Page is loaded workflow event on Page B that has a condition on it to check for the URL parameter. Finally, put an action in the workflow event to scroll to the specific group, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Hi, @mikeloc:

I’m not sure I completely understand how to do this.

So I believe I am setting it up so that the URL parameter is sent like so:

Then in the Page is loaded, I did this:

I don’t think I did it correctly since it did not do what I intended.

Also, if the group I want to go to is within another group/layer, do I have to send URL parameters for every group?

Thank you.

Your workflow doesn’t have any actions…

As Adam pointed out and as I mentioned in my initial reply, you need to put an action (Scroll to) in the workflow event to scroll to the group.

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Thank you.

I had the “Scroll to” before, but I did something previously that was wrong, so I took it out and must have forgotten to put it back in. Now it is going to the correct place.

However, this brought up another issue. Now when I click the refresh button on the browser, the URL parameter remains and page-load goes directly to that group instead of the top of the page. I only want to go to that group when a certain button is clicked. In other words, the URL stays:

but I want it to refresh to this upon clicking refresh:

I looked for actions to either remove or reset the URL parameter but they have failed. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong place or using the wrong actions…?

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