Something that keeps coming up (auto scroll)

I’m sure it’s simple, but when I have a workflow that sends a user to a particular page, how can I make it auto-scroll to a certain point on that page once it loads? I have wanted to do this many times before, but never implemented it because I couldn’t figure out how.


Is that what the “Send more parameters to the page” is for? If so, how does it work?

How Tim!

You can use any group on a page as a traditional anchor.

In your screenshot, just check the “send more parameters” box. Name it whatever you want that makes sense, and have the data be whatever item you want to scroll to on the page you’re navigating to.

Then on the page, add a workflow to run on page load when “current url includes (the parameter you sent)” with the correct data type for what you’re scrolling to. Then use the Scroll To workflow action, and choose the element you want to scroll to. You can make it scroll to a dynamic item or just scroll to a group or list somewhere if needed.

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Thanks for your response. Do you mind producing some screen shots or something to make it more visual?

There is an element that allows you to scroll to a specific group. Use that and set a conditional statement on the Parent Workflow.

When page is loaded or when condition is true.

send more parameters to page is just something that allows you to pass data (information) to the URL of the page you are navigating to.

So as @joe5 mentioned you can make those parameters whatever you want, and I believe that could be a number or a text.

Then it is up to you to keep track of the information you send and what that represents in terms of the element to scroll to on the new page. The important part as explained was to have the workflow of the page you want the scroll to take place, is to have on page load workflow to scroll to an element based on the URL of the page (e.g. the parameter ‘information’ you sent).

Look more into how to pass parameters to page URL and how to do a workflow on page load.


@boston85719 @joe5

I’m not totally understanding. So I’ll use some screen-shots to show my areas of confusion.

• Page one, which will be sending the information to page 2

What would go in the highlighted area(above)?

• Page two, which is receiving the information from page one and executing the scroll to function on page load

I’m assuming that the highlighted area needs to pick up the information from page 1, but how? What needs to go here?

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