Android vs. iOS Bubble Issues

What’s everyone -

Anyone have any issues with app layouts between Android and iOS? One of my clients has an iPhone and I have an Android. Looks fine on my phone but when he logs in with his iPhone the page looks distorted with text and shapes not how it looks on my development platform within Bubble.

Anyone have a fix for this?



I missed your post by a min CM1, I got the same thing.

Will need to pull up mobile or on IE. That’s another issue I’m having as well. Why I get this message when pulling this up on Chrome.

Chorme behaves really weird. I have no idea why, but i have issues with some apps aswell

This has to do with the responsiveness of your layout. I use chrome inspector tools to test the display on different devices. If you really want to get into responsiveness, here’s a tool that’ll drive you mad

No idea about this phishing problem with google, sorry.

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