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Animation - Subgroups seem to be animating too?

Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone can tell me the floor in my plan here.
I’ve got a floating group that is a column on the left of the page setup to act as a slidebar that is hidden on load and then animates using the ‘NoBounceLeftIn’ animation when the menu button is clicked.
Inside this column group is a Reusable element of Nav_Bar which is where I set-up the actual buttons to go in my slideout column. Everything works well, it animates well and looks how I want it to.
Within the reusable element are rows of groups for the nav buttons and each group is only visible if the user has that permission so that button group will only show to the correct user. This works too.
My problem is that the on-click animate action that runs to slide-out the group(menu column) also seems to animate the groups within that menu column too. So when the menu slides out on screen there are gaps where the buttons that aren’t allowed are missing then they animate-collapse and they do that after the menu animation finishes so it’s visible and looks horrible. If I don’t use an animation and just show/hide the bar then the problem doesn’t happen but that’s not the finish that works for the slideout menu aesthetics.
I hope that makes sense but I just can’t think of how to work around it. I had no idea the animation passed to all the children in the animated group too.

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