Animation timing and glitch issues

I have an issue with timing when trying to animate transitions from one thing to the next in a RepeatingGroup.

What I am trying to achieve is a simple animation, the photo swipes away to the right before the next photo/item shows.

Whatever settings, pauses etc I set, I can’t get it to work.

There are all sorts of glitches. The photo gets animated and disappears, but the same photo reappears again before the next item is loaded. The next thing just remains invisible sometimes.

Any ideas how to get this to work to get some nice and smooth transitions?

Here is the link to the app:

Here is the link to the editor: Animated-transition | Bubble Editor

You need to make Group Profile-info not visible on page load. Then trigger its visibility on page load. The reason the images flash right now is because when you move to the next repeating group cell the image is visible then you tell it to animate (show) so it hides, then does the animation.

Thanks @StarrK_Designs, tried that now, but somehow I can’t access that Group Profile-info from Page Load workflow to make it visible.

Should be a pretty basic thing to achieve - animate the group out to the right, and then animate in the next slide from the left. Seems impossible whatever I try. I must be missing something simple here.

You can’t target elements inside of a repeating group because it is dynamically generated. You are going to need to use custom states to trigger the workflow from inside the repeating group.

If you make a custom state for the repeating group called “first load” and make it a “yes/no” type. When the page is loaded set the state to “yes” and make “Group Profile-info” have a condition that says it is visible when “first load” is “yes”. You then need to make sure that this action only affects the element when the page is loaded so when the button is clicked have the first action in your workflow set the state of “first load” to "no.

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