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Show Next Animation

I have a repeating group with two arrows that navigate from item to item, using the show previous / show next workflow. I wanted to add an animation, because it looks awkward otherwise. I added the NoBounceIn/Out animation. When this is the case

When this is the case, it appears that Bubble skips over Step 1, so only the Step 3 animation shows. I tried adding a pause before Step 2.

A full second pause allowed the animation to play fully, but it looks clunky with the pause and status bar. I tried reducing the time of the pause, but whenever I go below 500ms, my entire repeating group disappears. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to build this sort of slide show function?

(I’ve looked at some of the plugins that allow for image slide shows / carousels. I have text and buttons for each slide, and I found it difficult to integrate this with the plugins, so that’s why I’ve tried to build this functionality natively.)

Edit: I just realized that the “Do Every X Seconds” Workflow will not allow me to apply animations within the repeating group. I guess I’ll have to turn back to a plugin. Suggestions?

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