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Animation to hide pre-load/initial loading 5-8 seconds for single page

Hi there, I have a single page website on Bubble and it takes 5-8 seconds to load when arriving on any page. I’d like to show an animation to hide this long loading and white screen. Bubble has not WF being « when page is loading/when page not fully loaded » but has only the WF « when page is loaded » which means any event/action will execute AFTER page is loaded.

Do you have any suggestion on how to do this ? Any workaround ? I guess many SPA have this issue with long initial loading time. There is the Splash Loading plugin from Zeroqode but I don’t think it works for the initial load.

What I have done is. I made a group same size as the page and made it transparent (or flat colour) and I put a gif loading image inside it. And I made condition in this group to be invisible when (page is loaded)