Doubts on new pricing

I still have doubts about the change$ in the new pricing model and i see everyone give diferent answers.

  1. I’m currently on a personal plan, i understood that i can stick with it for 18 months. But, after 1st may 2023, can i change to the old profissional plan with 3 units of capacity or only to WU/usage plan?

  2. Can i stick with my personal plan for the next 18 months only if i pay the annual plan ? Or can i keep with the monthly pay?

  3. How can i add capacity boost after 1st may 2023? or i won’t be able to ? How its gonna work? Apps are way more slower now than before.


You can keep monthly, but cannot change to annually after may1st

We don’t know, but I guess you will continue to have the same features including capacity boost

This is all from what I understand

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Hi there, @vbo.nutri… the short answers to your questions are no, you can keep paying monthly, and you cannot add capacity units on the personal plan (aside from the 1-hour boost, which I believe you will still be able to use).


Hi @vbo.nutri,

I have received answers from Support on these exactly questions so I’m confindent about what I say following:

  1. After 1st May you cannot buy legacy plan: so if you want to move from Personal to Professional you should do before May 1st.
  2. You can kepp paying monthly - there is no need to switch to the annual payment.
  3. If you are on Personal plan on May 1st, you could not buy boosts. If you want to buy boost, you should switch to a “bostable” plan (i.e Professional) before May 1st.

Obviusoly, after May 1st you can switch to the new plan whenever you want, but once done, you could not go back to any legacy plan anymore.


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