Subscribe before new pricing kicks in?


So if i take the 29 $ plan before the first of May, I will keep this price for 18 months??

My app is 80 % ready, was planning to launch it in May or June…
Been working on it since 3-4 months now…

I don’t have a clue of how much WU I will be consuming whenever my app is running, this scares me…


Hi @tritonelectronique :wave:

You can go to logs section & check

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Yep, that is how it should work.

But keep in mind that you’ll not be able to upgrade from legacy Personal to legacy Professional/Production. If you’ll need more resources - you’ll have to switch on a new pricing model.

P.S. Bubble team promised to update us with some info about new pricing model, so keep an eye on the forum today.

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Good info and yes, an important factor, from my understanding you’ll have to ride out the plan you choose for that 18 month grace period or switch to the WU pricing tiers.

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Thank you for your answers!!