Another chart not properly showing

I would like to show a simple repeating group showinig my users transactions that take place, but for some reason it won’t show the count
here are the datatypes i have

as you can see the type user has a list of transactions

and heres the chart i would like to fill out, essentially its total transactions per user

but when i go to check the chart it looks like

shows the users but not their transactions

and just to be clear, there are transactions that are being placed

please if anyone can figure this out

((please excuse my usernames btw))

You show in your last screenshot Transactions, but instead, you should show User’s DB with transactions column.
Check privacy setting too.

yea, i just showed that to show that the transactions are being made, the transactions field for my users datatype is just linked to this main transactions datatype. but here it still shows nothing :frowning:

nevermind, i figured it out. thanks anyway!

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The transaction was made but not linked to the user using User’s transactions field. This is why you didn’t see anything.

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