Need help displaying data of all users to one user + aggregating data for a chart

Hello everyone!

I am part of a young startup - our aim is to get kids to be able to learn and grow in skills such as emotional intelligence, financial literacy, and design thinking. We are a couple of teachers who are trying to create a platform that can help democratise some of these skills which generally end up being accessible only to rich people. We are based out of India.

We would really love your help and guidance in a couple of areas:

  1. We wanted to give kids the opportunity to respond to a question and then see responses of other students as well. How can we do this?
  • I created a repeating group and added a couple of text boxes - one to display the name of the user and the other to display the answer but I am not able to get it to work.
  1. Basically, we get kids to fill in a survey for us at the beginning to see where they are at! I am storing the responses for each individual question as a number and then created fields that are just adding the 4 relevant types of responses for that field. But, I am not able to chart it, at all. I have been at this one for over 10 hours with little progress.

Both of the questions are probably really basic - but we would really love some step-by-step guidance if possible. We have looked at the videos + tutorials + scoured through this forum - without much progress.

Thanks so much everyone! Really appreciate your help!


Have you created a place to send the data once it is submitted? If not I believe that will solve your issue (I think). By creating a new data type and linking the button/inputs to this function. :slight_smile: Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Good luck with your project!

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Hello! Thanks so much for your response! And yes, I created a type for the responses and linked it to the submit button + to all the individual inputs. I am able to display responses of the current user quite easily - stuck at trying to display other users’ responses.

Have you got the privacy settings set for Everyone else (default permissions)?

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@burnsadam123 - I had it set to this - let me know if it should be something else.

Thanks so much, again!

You need to enter the actual ‘Data’ section below the workflow, and create a custom data type, I’m assuming if you have user’s log in something will already be created. Then select the tab ‘Privacy’ define the user role then it will open up a tab that you can select what users should be, I have my basic user running this permission:

Then you can define a users rights when logged in and all other users can be edited via the ‘Everyone else (default permissions)’

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Thanks so much! I did that and also had someone help us with our main mistake - We needed to have “Current Cell User’s…” instead of Search for functionality! So it is working now :smiley:

Secondly, solved the aggregate data problem using a regular progress bar and linking it to the specific data - so used 4bars to create a graph - it will probably be messy in different resolutions but works correctly.

Many thanks, again, @burnsadam123, Burnsie!

Thats all good happy you got it sorted! :slight_smile: Good luck with your app

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