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ANSWERED: How do you get the value of a dropdown? I get a list instead

I am sure someone has ask this basic question before but I can find the answer.

I am trying to assign the selection of list of categories to create a new thing. The dropdown displays a list of categories, and I want to assign the selected item to a text field in a type using CREATE A THING.

But: Category = Dropdown Categories’ value

Generates Error: The dynamic data in text boxes must printable; but instead this is a list of categories.

Keep going past “dropdown category’s value” to the text field that stores the category name.


Gah, beat me to it @romanmg!


Oh my gosh, you wouldn’t believe the workaround I come up to make it work after a 90 minutes…

So simple… thanks for your quick answer… @romanmg and @potentialthings

Solution: Category = Dropdown Categories’ value Category Name

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