[ANSWERED] Planning the database structure

Hi, I’ve been discovering Bubble for a while now. A thing a learned is that there are several working ways to plan the structure of the database. But I wonder: what’s best practice?

Let’s say I’m making a time-tracking app. The app has the following things:
The users can fill out timesheets with tasks of multiple projects.

What thing should be a child of what? Like Timesheets would have a field “list of tasks”.

For better privacy control, should the user have a “list of tasks”, “list of timesheets”, “list of projects”? This implies more “Make a change to a thing” actions in workflows

Maybe there shouldn’t be any parent-child things and instead adding a field “project” and “timesheet” in each task. So tasks point to the right project and timesheet?

Thanks in advance
Hope I’m clear.

Hi @julienallard1

I wish they were published a year ago :slight_smile:

These documents will help you a lot.

Good luck

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wow, thanks @eren

I couldn’t expect better help; Airdev’s Bubble development guide is gold. I went through the whole thing.

Many thanks

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