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App Planning Process

Hi, newbie here :slight_smile:

I’m trying to muster the courage to try making my first app in Bubble. I did many of the tutorials, but they didn’t cover anything about how to think about creating an app on a higher level. I got a little overwhelmed and shelfed Bubble for a few weeks, but I’m ready to try again. I’m attempting to build an app for a sponsor-a-day fundraiser that my kid’s school is doing similar to this:

I wanted to ask some of the more experienced developers if you’re willing to break down your app planning process on a high level. Any visuals would be amazing too!

I know wireframing would be one of the steps, but is it always the first? How do you plan for all the data structure?

Here is an example of a graphic representation of all the data I want to collect. There is prob a much better way to do it. Any feedback welcome and appreciated! Thanks.

Hi @pj97211 happy to help if you want to direct message me and we can go from there.

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@jakedoran super appreciate the response. I feel super dense, but don’t see a way to DM you. Is DMing a privilege I need to earn perhaps?

When you plan your data structure, you just need to show each table (thing) once, you then show how the data links as a one to many, or many to many relationship (as you have done)

It looks like you have got it sussed, On the sponsors, I would store the fun raisers which the sponsors are part of also.

Thanks @nfisher ! Appreciate the feedback. I was confused about whether sponsors belong as part of a fundraiser. In an ideal world, a sponsor info could be stored outside of a fundraiser so that they could be a repeat sponsor of future fundraisers. For a newbie, it might make sense to have them as part of the fundraiser though.

Is there a proper way to depict one to many -vs- many to many in a mapping like this?

Thanks again.

Good database design should avoid repeating data, however, sometimes its convenient, or even necessary. In think in this scenario, I would store the sponsors on the fundraiser, and also store which fundraisers that sponsor is part of on their record.

That helps. Thanks again @nfisher !