Anti Adblock Solution for Bubble App

Hi Bubbler

I just got my approvement from google adsense and now very excited to set up ads to my website. However I’m afraid of the increasing population of ad-block users will make my income little.

The only current anti adblock plugin available not seem to work. I’ve found
“blockadblock” and was given a javascript code, however, I have no ideas how to implement it to my website.

Anyone here know how to implement anti adblock to Bubble before? Or if possible just know a way to add the anti adblock code to the Bubble app.

Here is the code from “blockadblock”:

Any solutions or ideas are much appreciated!


Hey Tuanngoc96.ftu !

I hope you’re well. Though I do not have experience on BlockAdBlock, this is a simple Javascript code that can be put in the header. Do this by loading your bubble editor on your app, and clicking “Settings”

From there, click SEO / Metatags

Now, paste this script in the body scripts section:

I would assume that should be all you need to do!

:name_badge: Drake Dussault

Hi Draked123

Thanks so much for your answer.

I added the code to the place you showed, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.
The adblock still blocks all of the ads on my site without any wall/notice.

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