Any adverse effects to changing page names?

So I am realizing that I probably should have used my pages differently. i.e. the content I have in page “x” should be in “index” and the content in page “index” should be in a page called “login.”

So I could clone pages, copy content between pages, or just rename the pages I have, but I am not sure which method might pose problems and which would be the safest or most efficient. Any thoughts on this?


I know that Bubble will automatically update workflow references to an element if I change that element’s name, which is awesome, but I’m not sure if the same consideration is given to pages. I also wonder if changing the name of “index” can be problematic since it is a default page.

There’s one scenario I can think of where it can cause issues, and this is if you’ve used the “current page name is…” along with a static value. That will not update if you change the name, and so the condition will not trigger correctly.


To change the name of your index page, it needs to be replaced by something (there must always be a page called index). In the EDIT menu, you’ll find an option called Make this page the new index. The old index will be renamed to something like index_old.

Apart from that, renaming pages should work just fine.

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Great! That’s what I was looking for. Thanks @petter

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