How do I change the name of a page?

I would like to change the names of a couple of pages within my app. E.g. I made a new page the index page and now the original index page has been renamed to “old_index”. And since the page names show up in the URL of my app, “old_index” doesn’t look so good in there for users to see.
How can I go about changing the name?
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Pull up the editor for the page. Just click on anything on the page that’s not an element. You’ll see “Page Title”


Thank you, I did see that field, but it doesn’t seem to have an actual function.
The page title does not show up in the URL, unfortunately. What does show up there, for me at least, is the page name you see when you, in the Editor, click on the dropdown in the upper left corner:

This is defined in the very beginning, when you create the page, I believe. So for that the index page I get this in the URL:
No matter what I put in under “Page title” in the editor.
Any thoughts?
Thank you!

Ah, yes, so you want to edit where I have it saying “playground” here:


Thank you, I didn’t realize that is editable ;)!


@romanmg @emmanuel
How come this page title isn’t changing?


Oh. Never mind.
Turns out there was already a page named journal. I changed journal to old_journal and that allowed me to change old_index_1 to journal.


Thanks, useful and frindly as always. I have another related problem though: the page is so full of sh$%$t that I cannot click on it on the editor. i.e. all spaces are taken by overlapping elements…