Any Digital Marketing Companies Building on Bubble?

ISO of Digital Marketing Company that can provide website design, SEO, fractional CMO services but also builds on Bubble.

Looking to have a new marketing website built but have an extensive internal business application built on bubble that we may like to tie in at some point to our website.

Why not built the website on Wordpress and internal business application in Bubble?

Looking to outsource the marketing/SEO…would possibly need to make website function with biz app (quote leads, etc).

What would be advantage to building on Wordpress instead of Bubble?

WordPress is a faster solution for creating a static site that has a good design, responsive and modern. Responsive design is harder in Bubble.

WordPress also comes with a built in blog and a lot of WordPress templates are well setup for SEO and getting traffic from Google.

Benefit of Bubble is you have nearly unlimited customization and you could integrate the marketing site and internal business application together into one. You could much more easily build your internal quoting tool.

Here’s a template I would recommend for a step by step quoting system for a marketing company:

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There are several ways for your solution. I don’t think Wordpress is the long-term solution. I have built several Project Management applications and the template referenced below might be what you are looking for.

I’m available to help out with your project requirements by earliest of next week. Let me know if you’re interested by sending me a Personal Message here on the forum or our website.


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