Any examples of bubble web apps that have successfully been turned into native apps?

66% of my users are mobile and although my website looks good on mobile, mobile websites by default have poor retention. I think I would get much better retention if my web app was a native app.

Anyone “wrapped” their bubble app into native and doesnt mind letting me look at the finished product? I just want to see what kind of experience I can get once wrapping into native.

+1 for this. There’s a lot of talk of how to do it etc etc… but haven’t actually seen a live app having taken this route.

Seems like you have the user base for wrapping your app, why not do it now?

I just want to get a feel how it looks when a Bubble app is wrapped before I begin the journey


Bubble apps on the Appstore:

I think all of AirDevs apps on the Appstore are built on Bubble, but maybe @vlad can confirm


Here is an example made with