Any good guides for how to use APIs to search and display a Bubble app's data within itself?

Hi – I want to get started in learning how to search and display my own app’s data using an API. In other words, when a user executes a search, Bubble sends the search parameters to itself via an API, and the data is returned and displayed in my app via an API.

Does anyone know of a good guide or place to get started? I know there are API tutorials posted by Bubble and others, but all these involve a Bubble app communicating with an outside app (rather than communicating with itself).

Thanks for any guidance. I’ve been hunting around but have been unable to find a good reference for this scenario.

(PS: in terms of why I’m looking to have my Bubble app search and display data via the API, I understand that it’s possible to execute a list-to-list search server side via this method, rather than the client side method of running an advanced filter and “intersect with”).