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Any good tutorials yet?

Ok here is what I would suggest. At some point Bubble can build a giant application that we can all look at. Then they can have a series called “How we built this part of the app.” This might be a very instructive way of building new skills.


Yes, I think that is a good approach. So like … if you stitch these bits together you get this page. If you put these pages together you get this app.


I was just quoting you. Wasn’t replying to you directly.

Ultimately, it’s in their best interest to make the product as accessable and easy to use as possible. I guess that’s why I’m surprised that there are no Youtube tutorials or Udemy courses yet.

If I were them, i would put someone on a dedicated YT channel right away. It’s the #2 search engine in the world.

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We’re going to move to youtube at some point I think, but in the meantime, we have quite a few videos at and


Interesting to see OLD Bubble versus NEW :slight_smile:
Some topics not up to date, and I understand how Time Consuming it is. But Thanks, I learn some stuff tonight.

What a great privilege to see our product generate such deep passion in people!

At any point in time, our minds spark a million wishes but not all of them blossom at the same time. We look at Bubble as a garden. We tend it every day, slowly trimming weeds, and inviting bees to make their honey. We want to, and will, build all the features and tutorials so rightfully needed.

That’s why we have the forum: lots of use cases and questions we never thought of came from you, and as you created and shared your solutions, this rich collection of best practices and the most creative ways to do things emerged. And these cases will always be too many for us to possibly imagine all. The cover will always seem incomplete, because there’s always that ray of sun that somehow makes it through no matter how rich the foliage.



Video is time consuming for both producer and consumer. Another solution is a stack overflow type q & a format, where specific problems are asked and the best get voted up.
Where viewers can see logic written out in code snippets. Consumers of the content would use it just like developers use SO, on the fly and to get solutions quickly.

This stack over flow clone could be built on bubble.


Sounds like a good idea, but…a concise video series that shows what can be done with the site is a great way to get new customers. If adoption is the priority, video is definitely the way to go.

The main problem with video is that you can’t watch it AND figure out your work flows at the same time. Even the walk throughs, while very helpful, need a few times to really grasp what’s going on “under the hood”.

I definitely think some more advanced walk throughs, and two or three complete apps with clear guidance would be better than video.

And examples in the full documentation of HOW you might use commands would be great too.

This would be a perfect candidate.:

I’m sorry but I really don’t see the issue here at all. I’m a non coder and all I needed was the bubble tutorials to get the basic concepts down. From there it’s up to your own creativity to take these concepts and expand the functionality of your app.
I’m very surprised this thread even exists.


It took me a very long time to grasp how to make data DO anything. And every time I grasped one idea, I got completely stuck on the next. So I’m all for a more structured approach to figuring Bubble out.

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I love Bubble so much because I was able to understand it quickly, but I still come to the forums for help, tips on efficient building, and to understand what else is possible. I think regardless of Bubble’s learning curve, it’s never a bad idea to provide extensive lessons. Paid courses or not, just like any application, the resources to fully understand everything from fundamentals to advanced techniques benefit all experience levels. Someone who “gets it” right off the bat can still gain from a basic lesson just as much as a complete non-coder/developer mind can have an “aha” moment from seeing what’s possible and being inspired by advanced tutorials.

Obviously Team Bubble is aware and I’m sure they’re prioritizing as best as they can. I’d love to help in whatever way I can… Software and web application education happens to be a passion of mine, and my “real job” is actually in video post-production. So I’d love to offer my services to help build out a full course. Please let me know! I’d love to work with you guys. (@emmanuel, @georgeciobanu)

First attempt at a set of “block” based tutorials for bubble.

A “block” is a small piece of useful bubble functionality.

To come …

Block “likes”
Filtering by category
Hopefully fix the Ziggeo video upload

Thanks to @rendini for his support and advice.

Feedback welcome but I will start another thread for that I think.


I am trying to make a self design application on same like Vista Print.
Iam not a coder, could you direct me where I can find some tutorials regarding the same?

I also strongly support the idea of having more comprehensive video tutorials on Bubble. What Bubble does is that it greatly simplifies the work involved in creating a useful web app. However, it can still be hard for visual learners like me to understand the platform.

To be honest, I wasn’t really able to visualize how to apply the instructions from the manual into my app. The most useful learning materials for me were actually the video/guided tutorials on Bubble itself as well as youtube videos like that of Gaby’s Coaching Bubble.

I think that if the founders want to increase the popularity and user adoption of Bubble as well as empower users to create much more sophisticated web apps, creating comprehensive video/guided tutorial series would be key to their success. While it is great that Bubble is working on improving existing features / creating new features, I don’t think that it will be of much immediate benefit to users like me who are still trying to figure out the platform. I would argue that one of the key factors behind the success of platforms like Wix Website Builder or Zoho Creator would be the extensive video tutorials they have to help users learn their great platform features.

Also, if we think about it, better tutorials => higher user adoption => higher profits => greater chance for Bubble to survive and thrive as a platform = > greater reliability for all users relying on the Bubble Platform for their business and apps

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It’s a matter of finding the right balance. While I think most would agree with the benefits of enhanced videos, Bubble also has the challenge of retaining advanced users with features, platform stability, etc. I for example, am hoping for a fundamental shift that will allow for faster, more robust support of large datasets. Others have their needs. But Bubble has wisely chosen to bootstrap their business, so is constrained by resources. If they only focus on customer acquisition, they’ll fail. If they ignore acquisition, they’ll also fail. Retention is a major element of a successful subscription business, so it must be addressed alongside acquisition and all the other elements of a sustainable venture built on profit.


I agree with you on the idea of balance. However, given the lack of comprehensive video tutorials, wouldn’t you say that this will affect Bubble’s ability to retain new users (i.e. those who joined Bubble for the first time and are struggling to learn)? I welcome Bubble’s focus on building new features (looking forward to that calculated field :grinning:) that is required to retain advanced users but comprehensive tutorials (not necessarily in video format) will help novice users get to that advanced level some day as well.

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Bubble seems to be running a very lean operation which means less resources to continually build and update their library of video tutorials. I personally am okay with that, especially if building out those resources would require an increase in the cost of the Bubble app subscription prices. I think there is already a great selection of free/paid tutorials from both Bubble and third party sources. For reference, check out for the full library. I would rather pay a one time fee for an amazing tutorial from a 3rd party than pay a higher ongoing subscription price for free tutorials from the Bubble team.

I think we also have to consider what can be done by external resources, and what cannot. Video’s can (and have been) made by people outside of Bubble, but building core features can only be done by the Bubble team.