How to track new user (not logged in) with Mixpanel?

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Simple question. How do you track a new user using Mixapanel in Bubble?
Indeed, it’s quite simple to track a user who is logged in.

But it’s very interesting to know the behavior of the new user in order to retarget him. Specially if he returns to your website several times without purchasing, you would like to know the reason.
Can anyone help please?

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Google Analytics tracks non-logged in users as long as they don’t delete their browsing history. Google Analytics is free, unlike Mixpanel

Yes, I also use Google Analytics. But I would like to follow a specific action on my website.
So I will try to find out how to do with Google Analytics. Thank you so much :wink:

Yep! You can also track button clicks on Google Analytics. They’re called events on Google Analytics. You gotta do the following:

  1. Send out Javascript code when a user clicks a button. Like this

  2. Se up an API call using the plugin Bubble API Connector.

Step 1 is straight forward. You just send out javascript code every time the button is clicked. Do that via workflows. Eventcategory = the page where button is located; eventaction = click; eventlabel = your name for the button

For step 2: Do some research on this forum on how to set up a POST call.
Then were it says “key” you put the variables google analytics is supposed to receive e.g. ec (event category), el(event label), ea (event action)

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