Save dynamic placeholder text to database as well as user input text

Hi! I’ve got a Multiline Input message that I’ve loaded dynamic placeholder text into from a database table holding questions. (These are basically random questions for the user to answer in the Multiline input box).

Is there a way for me to save the placeholder text value and the user input value to the database when they click a “save” button?

Thanks in advance for your help!

In the spirit of “there are no stupid questions” I was able to answer my own pretty simply:

  • Create a “dummy” input field on the page with the input you want to pre-fill and hide it (don’t show on load, not visible)
  • Load that field with the info from the database you want to use for the placeholder.
  • You can then write the values from the hidden input and the user’s input to the database.
  • easy peasy.

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