Good Morning Everyone,

How would I go about using the Screenshotlayer api? I have signed up and put the API key in. However I cannot see how to set a workflow to take a picture of the webpage? What am I missing?

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@Bradluffy did you ever manage to find the answer? ive got both pagelr and screenshotlayer and I cannot find any workflow option to initiate these?

Hey @Bradluffy , you can use to implement this.

I made an example in:

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Bubbling this up. Has anyone figured this out?

need this too. cant find how to use it

this is too complex for many of us here. :grinning:

Does this help?

The data type for your webscreen field should be ‘Image’.


Thank you :hugs:

Interesting… When saving the resulting screenshot… I would have assumed that I could apply the same rationale as if I were uploading a file and utilise the workflow “delete the uploaded file” but it seems that the resulting image which is saved to my storage is set and subsequently and I’m unable to delete it.

Is anyone aware of an alternate process whereby resulting image file can be deleted… Not that these individual screenshots are terribly large but seem to be generating a number which need updating quite regularly and subsequently my storage is gradually creeping upward

pls how do i set the image format for this to jpg? i had seen it somewhere before but now i dont know where?

Hey. There is a file format dropdown in your ‘processed with Imgix’ options.
That might work (untested) even though it’s not the screenshotlayer format parameter which also supports gif.

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Hi there @cowontherun, sorry to bother you months after you posted this but I am using this plugin for the first time and don’t see where these windows show up. I am in the workflows and I don’t anything pertaining to Screenshotlayer, nor do I see anything in the design view to add something there.

Do I also need another plugin to go with this one?

Gosh it’s been a long time and I don’t have this project anymore.

I think completely from memory that you might go to Settings > API > Tick ‘This app exposes a Workflow API’ then go to the Page drop down very top left of your Bubble dashboard and select the new option at the bottom that now shows which is ‘API Workflows’.

Then click ‘Create a new API Endpoint’ in your API Workflow dashboard and you might see a Screenshot layer option… or not, I could be talking out of my ass. Let me know if that helps…

Then after you set up the Screenshot Layer and have a field in the database of type image you can save a screenshot into that image field in the database when you create a new thing as per the screenshots in this thread.


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@cowontherun heyyy real quick question with Screenshot Layer. I’ve got it all working but how do i get the API screenshot to zoom in / capture a specific area in my image rather then whole page? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure Screenshot Layer is designed to do this, you can send a message to the Screenshot Layer author and find out. Last time I messaged them they said it was one of the first plugins they had built and they had kind of forgotten about it since then.

Not able to getting the screenshot of Google map.

I can’t for the life of me get this to work. I did notice that the name of the key (query string parameter for the access key) is “private_key” in the plug-in, whereas it’s “access_key” on the website itself. Could that be the issue?

Never mind. I just built my own version of the plugin. Works now! :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please help me with the workflow for taking the screenshot?


So, I’ve got everything working, however the screenshot I get as a result is of my sign-in page. I’m assuming this is because I send anyone who is not logged in on page load to the sign-in page. Does anyone know how I can circumvent this?

Have already created my own API call to Screenshots and added a secret key. Any help would be greatly appreciated!