Any way to use my own HTML?

Hi! There are news with that or some way to import your own html into a project?


Yes. Several ways…

For page-wide HTML you can add to the Header:

You can add any number of HTML elements directly onto your page the HTML element - these can contain JS or CSS:

And if you want to interface between Bubble elements and your HTML / JS / CSS then you can add your own ID tags:


Thank you for your reply, but if we need to create a grid (for example, bootstrap) that involve the bubble elements, it’s not possible, true?

Integrating Bubble with Bootstrap would likely be very difficult, correct. But I would look at Bubble as an alternative to structural frameworks like Bootstrap, so I’m not sure that you would want to integrate at that level.

If you look at Bootstraps elements here, almost all of these a available out-of-the-box with Bubble, those that are not you can cover with Plugins or through custom HTML / JS.

Apologies if I say something weird, but I just to start working with bubble. Bubble has his own grid system?

Thank for your replies :slight_smile:

I’ve only had a quick look at Bootstrap but, yes, I think Bubble covers most of it.

You need to go from the beginning and learn how to use Groups and Repeating Groups to structure your page, and then place elements within them. That is all covered by Bubble tutorials and by any of the paid-for tutorials that you will find if you search this forum.

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is there a way to just import a folder that has multiple .html files and a dist folder?