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Turn an existing internal-management app into a SaaS for others

Hi, i’v built an app on bubble to manage my business, and i got requests from other business owners to to share this app with them, is there a way to open up this app to otheres like a SaaS?

If yes:

Do i need to restructure the whole app? does the database need to be divided?

Where can i read about this?

Any help to guide me in the right direction?

(This app is also using user accounts for my internal team)

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You and me are thinking the same thing right now lol. I built an app for my brother’s business about 4 years ago, he’s been using it daily ever since with his company. Spent all day yesterday trying to figure out how to set it up myself and have finally resolved to finding a developer.

Wondering if anyone out there is interested in getting share of the profit vs one time payment…