Introduction to Udemy Course

Hello Bubblers!

Since learning how to build applications with Bubble I’ve had friends messaging and calling all of the time to talk about their app ideas. While I wish I could help them all, I thought it would make more sense to create an introduction to Bubble Udemy course that takes someone with absolutely no techbology background to fully proficient in and the basic concepts of programming.

This is the course that I wish I took when I first came across Bubble. It will save you hours (proabably days) by walking you through the basics and sharing the tips and tricks of an experienced Bubbler.

As a course launch promotion I am giving away the course for free up until April 1st. Just use the coupon code “BUBBLEFORUM” at the course checkout. I look forward to hearing your input and suggestions for how I can make the course better!

The course can be found here:

Happy learning,


Just enrolled! Looking forward to completing the course!

Thanks for supplying this to the community!


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You’re welcome @jballou! Mostly looking for feedback from people who are net new to Bubble with very little experience. I’m interested in hearing if you think the material is too easy, slow, fast, or too advanced.

The cool thing about Udemy is that I can constantly update the course material, so I’m open to suggestions around new content or ideas that you all might find useful.


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