Anyone could help me for scheduling a workflow please?

Hello everyone,

How to schedule a workflow for making change to a thing 24 hours later its creation date ?

I tried the “Schedule workflow API” but I’m not sure it’s the right process. Furthermore it’s said that I need to upgrade my plan for using it but ideally I’d like to finish my app first.

Here’s the context : I create offers in database which are published when their status are published (yes/no type). I want them to be automatically unpublished after 24 hours but I’m struggling with it, I don’t know how to that…:upside_down_face:

Is there anyone for telling me how can I do that please ? :pray:t3:
Thank you

This should be fairly straightforward. Set the schedule date of the “schedule API workflow” as Thing Creation date + 24 hours. Pass the right data.

Then in the backend api set up the right action e.g. here would be “make change to a Thing” → change published to “no”.

You should be good

Hi :wink: Thanks for your help :+1:t2:

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