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Change a text field


I want to change the text field of a thing that has a date automatically, 5 days before the thing date.

For example:

The thing date is May 20, 2017 and the text field for status is “waiting”. I want that by May 15, 2017 the system automatically changes the status to “upcoming”.

Any ideas?

Hey @charliefountain, you can schedule an API workflow for the Thing’s date + [-days] (you can use negatives).The API workflow would make the change to the status field. Have you worked with API workflows much?

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Yes i made some test on the seconds level and it was working fine. The problem was on the API Workflow “only when” property.

Do you know a way i can put a visual timer on those API Workflow timers? @romanmg

Not sure what you mean by visual timers… Like trigger an API workflow under certain date/time conditions? Maybe share a link so I can see everything in context?

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So lets say i create a thing and schedule a workflow for that specific thing. Is it possible to configure a countdown for that thing so i can see the progress?

Oh I see. I think most people use the “do every x seconds” to create a timer of sorts. Search the forum for that specific thing. If it’s not necessary to see such a “real-time” counter, you can save the workflow date in addition to the Thing’s date that you’re already saving and display the difference.

Workflow date - Thing’s date :format as [days/hours/minutes]

A page refresh will get you an updated difference.

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