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Anyone else experiencing a bug with popups?


Anyone else experiencing a bug with popups in the edit mode?

I have just signed in from 2 different computers, using both Firefox and Chrome for both, and every popup element appears transparent. All elements within the popup are also transparent.



I’m going through the same situation


Me too, all the content inside the popup is not visible :woozy_face: I did test in another browser, same thing, tested on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, any support?


Im having the same problem


Same situation here.


Same situation. I believe they may be working on something live or there is some sort of connection error. I need a popup right meow :frowning:


try to file bug report so they can get our attention faster if we all provide same bug ticket

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Help! I also woke up with the same problem, I was anguished :scream: :persevere: :sweat:, and I have been racking my brain all this morning, trying to solve it, until I saw in the forum that other people have the same problem


I already reported the bug to bubble

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Yup, same here.

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I verified that on my pages that have the new responsiveness enabled, there were problems with popups

I have the same issue, it was working well

I just noticed the same problem today. Any indication on when it’ll be fixed?

We are experiencing a lot of bugs in responsiveness, popups, repeating groups

Same here, issue with popups

Also experiencing same issue with popups

Edit: Ran on chrome incognito mode and it now works for me.

Same problem, they don’t show on editor. It does show on the live page, but I cannot make changes. I’m using the new responsive editor, i’m guessing there could be a problem with it. Hope this gets fixed soon, I have a release scheduled for friday.

Edit: It seems to be working now.

It’s happening only on new responsive page here. How about there?

Fixed it in my editor, bubble seems to have fixed it

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Issue Fixed at the moment, i’ll test and inform if the problem persist