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[New Engine] Popup responsiveness bug?

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to build a popup with a new responsive engine. But I’ve been faced with an issue related to responsiveness…

here is an example: Popup-bug | Bubble Editor

There are two popups (Popup Row & Popup Column)
The first is fully responsive, but the second one is not.
It looks like a bug to me. Or maybe I’m missing something?

Yeah, from my experience there are all kinds of bugs to do with popups in the new responsive editor…

It seems to me that as soon as a text element is added to a popup it no longer behaves responsively, but only in the editor - it seems to work fine for me on the actual site (although in your editor your Row popup is behaving as expected, so perhaps it only affects Column popups…)

Have you checked your Column popup in preview to see how it behaves on the actual site?


@adamhholmes oh yes it seems fine in a preview… Thanks!

I agree with @adamhholmes - that it’s related to the text element being inside and that it’s editor-only. I would encourage you to submit a bug report so that the team can fix it.


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