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Elements in a Repeating Group are not showing?

I’m sure that this is probably a silly oversight, but for some reason no elements are being displayed on a RG…

Here is a simply RG, with an icon on its first cell, set to display on page load.

In run mode, I can not see the element.

I been pulling my hair trying to figure out what is going on here…I’ve even compared it to another RG on another app, but they both have the same setup.

help please?

Won’t show a cell if there are no rows.


the RG has 10 as the specified number of rows, and I do have some data in the DB

Just looked like there wasn’t anything in data source ?

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Boom! there you go… :slight_smile: - so that worked…

but here is the interesting part…I have another native app with a RG and a similar setup, no Data Source, and this works perfectly fine. :confused:

aha…I have conditional data sources thats why it works…nevermind me, I’m having one of those days :slight_smile:

appreciate your help @NigelG

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Having a same issue myself. Cannot figure it out.

Ah, you don’t have any data in Location. So it doesn’t show.

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