Anyone ever successfully integrated another Geocoding API? 🤯

Hi all

Have any of you ever successfully integrated a Geocoding API that’s not already been supported by a Bubble plugin i.e. you’ve had to use Bubble’s own ‘Api connector’ (not Google or Mapbox etc)?

I ask because I’ve successfully used the integrated Google Maps geocoding setup, but because of its ‘abhorrent’ pricing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: , I’ve decided to try to use a different Geocoder provider (positionstack), and the only way to do it is through setting up a manual api connection (which I’ve setup successfully).

However my main issue now, is how on earth do I use it!? With the integrated Bubble Google Maps setup I could easily just tell the ‘Search Box’ to use ‘Geographical places’ as the ‘Choices style’, and it would deliver back the address results, but with using a different geolocation api I don’t think this is now possible. Can anyone direct me as to the correct way to achieve the same thing?



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