Hi all,

Need your help. I deployed my website and fill all information requested by Google with Geolocation and etc… I enabled all API but it doesn’t even work .

I fill all the billing information as well.

Can somebody help please?

Could you share a screenshot of a workflow/element where you try to uses it?

Thank your for help.

  • There is no workflow. I enabled auto-binding on parent’s element thing.
  • The input format is address
  • In my data types, the type is geographic address.

It works until I added Google maps and Geocoding keys requested by Bubble.
By the way, I used the same key for the two. Did I do it well?

If both plugins are on the same page it might cause a conflict between them.

What is the use case you want to implement?

When the user enter his address, I want Bubble to recognise it. Then I can extract the city, country etc…

Nope, you should go through the explanations again on the manual here:

Do you need something like this?

Yes :wink: without using Google of course :slight_smile:

I can’t find that client Key. Google doesn’t allow me.
Is it this the ID Client OAuth ?

You need to create both Client and Server keys as described in the manual

For geocoding you need API of Google maps, Mapbox or Stadia. Depending on your needs, their free limits might be sufficient.

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