Anyone ever used Outseta to manage paid user subscriptions?

The app I’m building requires a paid subscriptions and I plan on using Outseta to manage the subs.

I’m aware that this is possible using Stripe’s plugin, but there’s a fair bit of moving parts based on this tutorial that I came across. (I’d prefer to fully outsource this aspect than risk any errors)

Although Outseta also provides user authentication for singing up and loggin in, their Bubble plugin doesn’t offer user auth which means that it can only be used as an extension to Bubble’s User table.

Has anyone here used Outseta with bubble? Any thoughts?

I’ve used Outseta before but had problems connecting it to my database. This was before the plugin arrived and even then it was a bit limited on what I needed it to do. Integrating directly with Stripe is great. There is a slight learning curve if you’re new to API’s, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have more control. This all depends on your business model. I have subscriptions, user seats (tiers), the ability to upgrade to a different plan, and a credit system. I couldn’t do that with Outseta unfortunately.

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