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Looking for Plugin Developer: Outseta Integration

Hey y’all, I’m looking for a plug-in developer to build a plug-in that integrates Outseta and Bubble. There’s a ton of awesome functionality in Outseta that would make for a great head start when building a business on Bubble, so I’m definitely willing to spend some money to make a functional plug-in that can be used by the community.


Interesting, I hadn’t come across Outseta previously and it looks useful for my own purposes. It looks like something easily made into a Plugin as the API looks straight forward, and designed to be embedded into things like Bubble anyway. … I’ll study it a bit more and if it is something I want to build and integrate into my own project I’d be very happy to collaborate.

Awesome. Take a look and let me know! I’m a big fan of focusing on what makes apps unique, and Outseta looks to handle a lot of the boring scaffolding a business needs.

Just ran across a new plugin, and remembered your post @andrewgassen. Might be worth checking out :man_shrugging:

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I sponsored the build! I haven’t had time to integrate yet, but I’m excited to see it live!


That’s good to hear :+1:

@andrewgassen How did you go with integrating into Bubble? I added the plugin in and have been trying to get it to work but running into a few problems.