Anyone getting the error message: "This password is not valid" when using 'Sign the User Up' Workflow?

I am unsure as to what I’m doing wrong.

I’d like to use ‘Sign the User up’ so that I can sign the ‘Current User’ (Temporary User) but any ‘password’ I try to generate via workflow whether ‘Calculate random String’ or hardcode a certain ‘temporary password’ I receive an error message that says “This password is not valid”

Am I missing something? Should the ‘Password’ field of the Workflow ‘Sign the User Up’ should come from an Input element?

Go to Settings
Click General
Look at your Password Policy section

The password you are trying to create for your Temporary User will need to match the Password policy defined here. So you may choose to remove the password policy rule OR you can use a password that meets your criteria.

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