Reset Password Issues


In my app, my admin can invite other members to join his team,
he does so by adding their email. In the workflow, this creates an account for another user and also assigns a temp password. The temp pass is emailed to the new user along with his login details (simply his email).

The new user can log in just fine, but when I go to reset_pw (the one inbuilt with bubble),
it has the error message “This is not a valid reset request. Please have another email sent to you.”
Any idea why this might be?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Alex,

The reset password action should only be used when a reset link is sent to the user.

If you’re sending a temporary password to a user, you should present them with a form that runs the “Update a user’s credentials” action so that they can change their password. This means they’ll need to supply the current (temporary) password as well.

You can still use the same reset_pw page if you want, but you’ll need to add an input so the user can enter in the temp password and trigger the update credentials action instead.


ahhh fantastic - will try this first thing tomorrow!

I spent waaaay too long on this issue myself. One of those things that makes sense when you understand, but is still frustrating!

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