Anyone have experience sending plain text emails with the Sendgrid plugin, and instering dynamic data?

Basically, I have a field where users can create a message and send custom emails to their customers. It works fine, until they try to use dynamic data inserts, like using the recipients first name. “” when this flows, I get a {“errors”:[{“message”:“Bad Request”,“field”:null,“help”:null}]} message in my logs.

As I understand, the fields for the plugin need to be called upon by using quotation marks… after doing some investigation & testing, it looks like anytime a quotation marker is used in this message, the entire message fails.

This sort of kills the use of the sendgrid plugin.

Anyone figure out a way to bypass this, or a workaround? Maybe a different plugin or solution?

Hi @andrew6 - look at the “Plugins” action below where you’ll see there are “SendGrid API - …” choices without “plain-text” in the description - use one of those choices instead of a “plain-text” one. Also, you shouldn’t need to add quotes in the fields on the Bubble side. They may show up as quotes on the Sendgrid side or Sendgrid may treat them as a special character and cause errors (I’m not sure what Sendgrid will do with quotes off hand)