Anyone having rendering issues with elements displaying incorrrectly

Hey all,
Something wierd has happened today. I put all my repeating groups (ext Vertical) into groups so I could collapse the height now all my groups are doing wierd S%#T.

In some cases they dont display full width, other times they (same group) display too wide. Even some of the elements I didnt put in the group are doing it.
Its happening on chrome, a full screen web browser I use and Safari.
Both on the ipad and the computer.
However on the ipad I rotate the screen and it fixes it.

It’s doing my head in cause it doesnt necessarily render wrong in the same way each time.

Problem still persist?

Yes certainly is

Can you share a link to your editor so we can see what you’re talking about?

I formatted my computer this morning in case of… and it’s gone now. It was working fine on an external cloud computer.