Repeating groups just stopped stretching (width)


My app has 3 repeating groups - all in the same place, but only one visible at a time. I am desigining the page thinking of mobile, with width = 340px and the same width for the repeating groups (therefore they should be occupying the full page width); but I would like the repeating groups to stretch up to aprox. 1000px when running on laptops (wide)screens, for example.

All was working fine with 2 repeating groups (i.e. they were stretching beautifully); but when I created the 3rd one, suddenly, none of them strecth anymore. Is this a bug? I haven’t changed any configuration (size / responsiveness / margin)…all repeating groups have the same position / size / margin / responsiveness rules…

Just wanted to check if someone could help before I delete and try doing it all again… :s


Hi @claretimus, welcome to the forums. The first thing I’d check for in this instance is overlap between elements. If there is no overlap, please share some screenshots so we can more easily diagnose your issue :slight_smile:

Thanks @duke.severn. What do you mean by overlap? Is it their position? I am placing all 3 repeating groups in the exact same X and Y with a common width = page width = 340px.

Will share some screenshots later.

The funny thing is that it worked with 2 groups. Issue started after I added the 3rd.

@claretimus Exactly, yes, that’s what I meant by overlap. My next guess is one of them has “fixed width” checked or a different max width than the other two. Make sure that all responsive settings are the same on all three groups. I see you’ve mentioned that was already the case. Perhaps share the app “anyone can view” should be a trivial fix.

Great. I am unwell so couldn’t work yesterday / today. I will try to fix it during the weekend following your tips and will get back to you to confirm.

Hi @duke.severn, I’ve now just double checked all the positioning of all elements / groups and yes, the issue was that my borders were overlapping - meaning a group within a group with overlaping borders or some groups overlaping with the page borders etc. After updating everything and ensuring I have 1 pixel between borders, it’s all working! Thanks a lot for your help!

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