Anyone know to show a persistent "toolbar" inside an RG?

Greetings, all. Trying to replicate this behavior in an RG:

I’ve tried with a Group Focus in a reusable, but that disappears anytime someone clicks away. I should also note that the RG has groups that collapse when hidden.

Does anyone have a brilliant suggestion on this? Been beating my head against a wall for a few hours without success.

Do you need that toolbar on each row of the RG, or just at the top level?

Hey @robhblake. Each row. I’m trying to also make sure it overlays the group above rather than adding any vertical height. Trying to add a toolbar to let users edit/delete/interact with an RG cell.

Hmm. Well the overlaying aspect is the tricky bit. I do think a group focus inside a reusable is the way to go. The issue is it auto closes when click outside. I haven’t tried this before but try forcing it to stay open by placing a condition on the group focus something along the lines of “when 2 > 1” (or any other statement that will always be true) → this element is visible.

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