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So I’m filing this under bugs because its bugging the hell out of me and hopefully it’ll get some attention by @Bubble because apparently the ideas section never gets looked at anymore (when was the last time we saw an update from the idea section get implemented?).

I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of time over the past two weeks hacking around not being able to use group focus for an overflow menu within a repeating group cell.

There’s about two topics on this over the past 3 years and nothing has come from it.

Overflow menus allow for further actions to be triggered referencing the cell in a data table. Bogging down an RG with buttons and dropdown menus to create actions is just not ok. It’s not standard practice and for good reason, it looks amateurish and it takes up valuable real estate.

Datatables are essentially required for any serious application and the styling options for RGs in bubble is driving me nuts. Most of it there are silly hacks (like zebra striping) that can be used with some outside-the-box-thinking.

Overflow menus are nearly impossible to even mimic, let alone get to behave as they should. Regardless, this is an integral part of any professional UI and shouldn’t require so much hair pulling.

Please allow elements within RGs to be referenced by group focus.

In one of the threads, @emmanuel you pointed out that group focus is page level so that would be a difficult workaround. What about forcing the group content type to be the referenced element within the cell?

So if I have an overflow icon within a row in an RG and I want a group focus to toggle when that icon is pressed, the content type is forced to that icons current row? I mean, that’s really the only use case for a group focus within the cell anyway…

@josh for good measure



@skylershelton I may be misunderstanding the question, but are you trying to just put a groupfocus in an RG cell? If so, you can have the icon be a reusable element (with the content type/data source being the Current Cell), and create a groupfocus in the reusable element which shows when that icon is clicked. Scott gave this solution here:


@fayewatson I am probably missing it, but where do I set Current Cell as data type?

Nevermind I found it.

It’s still hacky and I’m still bitter about all the crappy updates for the past few months so I’m gonna leave my rant up there even though I knew I shouldn’t have posted it.

Thanks @fayewatson you the woman!

No problem! :slight_smile:

Here is an example setup incase anyone needs it:




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